Books & TV-series: I, Claudius

I watched the TV-series I, Claudius when I was in my teens and had no idea it was based on a book.  Only when I was in my twenties, did I see the two books by Robert Graves, I, Claudius and Claudius, the God in the book-store.  I didn’t hesitate and bought them immediately and started to read them when I got home.  And I haven’t stopped reading them after all these years.  I have so often re-read them, that it became sort of a joke between my husband and me.  When I again take up the book to re-read it, and he notices, he says something like: “O, you are reading a new book.  Is it something good?”.

I, ClaudiusAnd again and again, I love it.  I can see the characters before me, and I have to say I have learned a lot about the history of Rome, even so much, that, when I was taking classes in archaeology of Rome, I caught myself thinking sometimes, “oh, no, that is not what happened according to Claudius”. 🙂

I_Claudius_titles Wikipedia

And then, somewhere in 2001 or 2002, I was taking to someone about my fascination for the books and said I would love to see the TV-series again.  She suggested I should go to a DVD-store and ask if the series wasn’t available.  And what do you think?  It had come out on DVD that month and would be available in the store the next month.  Of course I pre-ordered it, and when I now re-read the books, I also always watch the TV-series again.  It seems I cannot get enough of the story and the characters and I really love Derek Jacobi as Claudius.


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