I do miss you all!


I really do miss this blog.  I still haven’t got much time to write extensive posts, but I think I will try something a little different.

As you perhaps noticed, I changed the name of my blog into Words & Images… because I do not want to talk only about books I have read or want to read, but also about films I saw, series I follow and TV-programs I like.   The posts won’t be long, and they will contain information I gather elsewhere together with thoughts of my own.

I will start posting later this month, or perhaps only in the first week of September, because I want to work out a schedule that is do-able for me and at the same time interesting to readers and followers of the blog.




  1. Brilliant news! Glad to hear you’re coming back. I’m posting less frequent than I used to, too.

    • I may have been too optimistic, Judith! I recently heard I will give classes at the university and am not sure I will be able to combine both. 😦 However, I will try.
      Thanks for your enthousiasm, though.

      • Ouch! Nice to do the classes (isn’t it?) but yes, that will take up a lot of your time. Good luck! Maybe you can post sporadically, or shorter posts?

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