(E-)Book Read! DEAD SCARED by S.J. Bolton

Dead ScaredTitle: Dead Scared

Author: S.J. Bolton

Publication date: 2012

Original Language: English

Read in: English

Number of Pages: 384


Where From: NetGalley

Five stars

First sentence: “When a large object falls from a great height, the speed at which it travels accelerates until the upward force of air resistance becomes equal to the downward propulsion of gravity.”

P. 99: “One of the masked twats actually had a video camera, and for a second fury got the better of fear.”

Last sentence: “Without taking my eyes of Joesbury’s torch, I give PC Leffingham my hand and let him lead me safely back down to earth.”

From the author’s websiteWhen a Cambridge university student dramatically attempts to take her own life, DI Mark Joesbury realizes that the university has developed an unhealthy record of young people committing suicide in extraordinary ways.

Despite huge personal misgivings, Joesbury sends young policewoman DC Lacey Flint to Cambridge with a brief to work undercover, posing as a vulnerable, depression-prone student.

Psychiatrist Evi Oliver is the only person in Cambridge who knows who Lacey really is – or so they both hope. But as the two women dig deeper into the darker side of university life, they discover a terrifying trend…

And when Lacey starts experiencing the same disturbing nightmares reported by the dead girls, she knows that she is next.

Oh my… this was so good.  I started reading at around 11 o’clock at night and read until half past one, when I went to sleep.  But I desperately wanted to know what happened to Lacey and Evi, and Mark and all the others, so I got up again at 2 am and finished it at half past four in the morning.  And then I could sleep.

Bolton has written a thriller that in the first short paragraphs might seem a bit confusing because she not only alternates events from the past with what’s going on in the present , but she uses different voices to tell it too.  However, soon you are drawn into the story, and you don’t want to stop reading.

If you are looking for a good thriller and you have some time to continue reading, don’t hesitate… This is the book for you.



  1. Oh, I’m jealous! I tried to get this book via Netgalley but I was declined. l love Bolton’s books!

    • I think it strange you were declined and I was accepted for reviewing this book because you certainly are the better blogger.
      But you’ll have to read it, Judith, it was so good.
      Thanks for your comment!

      • Better blogger? Maybe more frequent in posting. Maybe I was too late. I was hoping to get a paper copy so applied late at Netgalley. I think they only give out a certain amount.

      • I got the e-book… I don’t know how they decide who gets books and who doesn’t. Probably they only give away a certain amount, as you say.

  2. I will keep this one in mind. Thnx Nadine 🙂

    • It was really good, Hannie… One to remember when you are in a bookstore.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. This sounds great. I’ve only read one of her novels but I liked it as well despite a few flaws.

    • This was the first book of Bolton I read, but it certainly wasn’t the last.
      Thanks for your comment!

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