Title: The Philosophical PractitionerThe Philosophical Practitioner

Author: Larry Abrams

Publication date: 2011

Original Language: English

Read in: English

Number of Pages: 216


Where From: NetGalley

Four stars

First sentence: “I had my feet up on my desk and my hands clasped behind my neck, trying once again to puzzle out why science progressed so much faster than everything else, when she walked into my office unannounced.”

P. 99: “He thought his way out, his ticket to tranquillity, lay in denying his self.”

Last sentence: “Is that you, or do I have to keep looking?”

From Smashwords: Eric is a philosophical practitioner, a new profession that emphasizes reason without slighting emotions. He has little money, a cat, confused clients, and an old girlfriend, now rich and famous, who wants to get back together with him. Meanwhile, a woman he’s never seen before is trying to kill him.

I enjoyed this book so much… It is kind of a combination of a thriller (what about the woman who wants to kill Eric) and a romance, intertwined with philosophical conversations and questions.  But don’t let these put you off; the philosophy is of the ‘daily’ and practical kind and centres round questions we all have during our lifetime: Why am I here, What is the meaning of life, Is this all there is, Who am I, …?

The book has an original premisse and reads like a train; it will be loved by anyone who likes a good story with some philosophical (and sometimes psychological) issues.

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An interview with the author on: Robert Bidinotto.



  1. It was a very enjoyable book. I enjoyed the review and thanks for the ping back. It is a wonderful idea to list other reviews as it lets our readers see a variety of opinions on the books we review. I think I’ll also make a practice of that.

    • I did enjoy the book a lot and liked your review too. I had seen that some people on their blogs listed other reviews and I thought it was a nice practice. As you say you can read some more reviews of the same book and perhaps discover some new and interesting blogs. So it is definitely a win-win situation. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

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