(E-)Book Read! DREAM JUNKIES by Alexandra Ares

Alexandra Ares, Dream Junkies (2008).

First sentence: “Most times when I’m out on a date, I feel like an actress on stage giving a great performance in a second-rate theater.”

P. 99: “What if Kitty had been born in that village and lived Ana’s life?”

Last sentence: “Heaven, it’s good to be home.”

Summary (Amazon):

Bucharest, 32 year-old Kitty finds the American dream different from what she’d imagined and her life in Manhattan lacking purpose. At the beginning of the year she quits her job as a crime reporter, dumps her boyfriend and packs to go home. She is fed up with the harshness of the news industry, the constant pressure to find a good murder, the superficiality of her Manhattan lifestyle, and her many loveless affairs. But all this changes when her 43-year-old-artist friend Desert Rose invites her to an art fair in Los Angeles, to keep her company while she sets out to seduce Charlie, the gallery owner who represents her. In La La Land, Kitty and Desert Rose will find more uncertainty and adventure than they ever bargained for, will worry every night about where they’re going to sleep, get robbed, and meet interesting people, including a communist in Beverly Hills, a man who idealizes the communist dream the same way Kitty used to idealize the American dream. Inspired by her girlfriend’s selfless love for Charlie, Kitty will fall madly in love for the first time in her life. But will this complicated tycoon clean up his act?

This book was a fun and relaxing read, although not the kind of story or genre that I normally read.  I had won it (together with My Life on Craigslist and The Other Girl, both by Alexandra Ares) in a giveaway on A Bookish Affair!  Although I did enjoy reading it, I thought the things that happen to Kitty and Desert Rose were a bit too far-fetched, and the love that Desert Rose felt for Charlie definitely irritated me, because he was so clearly uninterested.  In fact, the whole Desert Rose character irritated me.  Luckily, I got rather interested in (parts of) Kitty’s story, although I thought the end was a bit disappointing.


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