(e)Book Read! A Pair of Blue Eyes

Thomas Hardy, A Pair of Blue Eyes (1873).

First sentence: “Elfride Swancourt was a girl whose emotions lay very near the surface.”

P. 99: “‘We would tell papa soon, would we not?’, she inquired timidly.”

Last Sentence: “And side by side they both retraced their steps down the grey still valley to Castle Boterel.”

This book was exactly as I thought it would be, a nice and cosy read abut a young, naive girl who is easily influenced by the people around her and who judges herself and her deeds harshly, too harshly.  The book has a tragic but fitting ending.

This book was the 15th I read for the 2011 E-Book Challenge!



  1. I’ve read quite a few Thomas Hardy books but I have not heard of this one. Sounds like a nice read!

    • Yes it was a nice easy read, Judith, but I don’t thinks it’s his best book. I found this by accident while searching for free e-books 🙂

  2. Sounds nice Nadine. If I could keep up with you I am sure I would enjoy reading it 🙂

    • It was a nice read, Hannie, but I would not necessarily recommend this one; he has written better books, I am sure…

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