Book Read! An Object of Beauty

Steve Martin, An Object of Beauty (2010).

First sentence: “I am tired, so very tired of thinking about Lacey Yeager, yet  worry that unless I write her story down, and see it bound and tidy on my bookshelf, I will be unable to ever write about anything else.”

P. 99: “There were paintings that were intentionally bad, which was an easier goal to reach than those trying to be intentionally good.”

Last sentence: “I sent Tanya the manuscript, but I have not yet heard from her.”

What a great book… Of course, being an art historian and a philosopher, I tend to like books about art and philosophy, and this book really has it all.  I liked the story of Lacey, a young woman trying to make her carrier in the art-world of New York, but I really loved Martin’s critical and sometimes cynical view on art and the art world (When an object of beauty becomes an object of value). I’m only sorry I didn’t take notes while reading; so many times I thought: “Oh, this is so good, I ‘ll have to remember this”, and of course I forgot.

Definitely worth reading this book, even if you have only the slightest interest in art and all the forces working around it.

This book was the 8th I read for the Buy One Book and Read It 2011! Challenge.



  1. It sounds good, Nadine. Somehow I think this is Steve Martin the comedian, but it hardly can be. Is it? I’ll look out for this book!

    • You are right Judith, it is Steve Martin, the comedian. I don’t like his movies, but I sure loved his book.

      • I love his movies! 🙂

  2. It’s hard to think of Steve Martin as an author! Is the book funny?? It sounds like he has some really interesting insight into his topic. Maybe I’ll read this one eventually.

    • No, Erin, the book isn’t really funny, but the cynical observations are. Martin does have interesting views on the artworld and I really enjoyed reading this book, although I don’t like his movies. If you are interested in art and the artworld, you definitely should read An Object of Beauty.
      Thanks for your comment…

  3. I’m also an Art historian, I think I should read the book if I can find it in the Library. It does sound like a very interesting book.

    • Yes, Marieke, you definitely should read it… Martin has some interesting views on the art and the world that surrounds it.
      Thanks for your comment.

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