Book Read! Room

Emma Donoghue, Room (2010).

First sentence: “Today I’m five.”

P. 99 (101): “I’m trying to fit her stem back together.”

Last sentence: “Then we go out the door.”

This is a great book… After a few pages I just wanted to know what happened to Jack and Ma in the past and how they would live in the future, so I’ve read the book in two sittings.   The narrator is Jack who lives with Ma in Room, Jack has never been Outside.  When he turns five, Ma tells him that many things he sees on television are real, and that there exists a whole world outside the room.

Jack doesn’t believe this at first, but when he sees an airplane high up in the sky through the skylight in Room, he thinks his Ma is saying the truth.  Of course this changes everything he ever believed and he knows his life is never going to be the same.  This frightens him at first and if it was up to him, he would stay in Room with Ma for the rest of their lives.  But Ma knows they cannot stay there for ever.  So, she makes up a plan to escape….

If you have not read this book already, pick it up and do.  Don’t let the grim facts or the five year old narrator hold you back.  This book is really good.

Although this book was published last year, the last couple of weeks there were a lot of reviews published.  Here is a link to some of them:

This was one of the last books I bought in 2010, so reading it fits into the Off the Shelf! challenge.



  1. Thanks for this review. I haven’t really been interested after all the hype, but your review makes me think it genuinely is a good book. I will reconsider!

    • Yes, there definitely was a hype about this book, and at the moment it is back in the news because it is (was) on a shortlist for a prize, but I forgot which one. But despite the hype, I think it is definitely worth your attention, Judith. It is rather unique because the story is told by Jack, and that makes it less grim and easier to read than it would otherwise be.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. JoV

    Thanks for linking back. I’m glad you like it. I just felt there are certain aspects of it lacking and didn’t feel as tight a novel as it should be.

    • It wasn’t the ideal novel, but I enjoyed it very much… It was your review and some others that made me want to read it, so thanks. And thanks for your comment!

  3. Gail

    It was a fantastic book. I had a hard time putting it down.l
    This book was read to the grade 9 english class at our local school during class and they loved it.
    It is the kind of book that when reading it, you think, this could really happen.
    thanks so much…

    • Yes Gail, it was a great book. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I really enjoyed this one and it made for a fantastic book discussion with out group!

    • I can see that it is a book that offers a lot to talk about.
      I always enjoy your posts about your book group, Sheila (and your other posts as well). Thanks for your comment!

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