Book Read! The Long Walk

Steven King, The Long Walk (1979).

First sentence: “An old blue Ford pulled into the guarded parking lot that morning, looking like a small, tired dog after a hard run.”

P. 99: ” This time it was a boy in a flapping red and white football jersey.”

Last sentence: “And when the hand touched his shoulder again, he somehow found the strength to run.”

This is a real pageturner.  From the very first pages you know that 100 boys are going for a long walk, and when they don’t succeed, when they go to slow, when they want to stop, something horrible happens to them.  But why are these 100 boys voluntarily doing this?  And why does everyone, that is, society, agree with this?  What’s behind this all?  And who is this Major and what part does he play?

You get to know something about the Squads who pick up people who are criticising the walk or politics, but unfortunately you don’t get all the answers and the sense of uneasiness and anxiety stays with you until the last sentence. Although  usually I don’t like books that don’t make everything what is happening clear, I liked this book a lot.  It is a story you can not stop thinking about when you finished reading.

Stephen King wrote this novel under another name.  This Richard Bachman has, according to King, a somewhat darker character.

This book fits nicely into two of my challenges: What’s in a Name 4! and Off the Shelf!



  1. Sounds intriguing! Is it a dystopian novel? Like The Stand (if you know that)? I don’t like King’s scary novels too much (too scary for me) but I like dystopian novels and I loved The Stand.

    • Hello Judith,

      It was certainly a really intruiging book and I am sure you would love it. Unfortunately I didn’t read The Stand, so I cannot compare. If you would like to read it, I would be glad to send it to you.



      • That’s very kind. I checked, but I can order it (for free even) from the library so I put it on my wishlist. Thanks for putting it on my radar! 🙂

  2. I have never read a book from Steven King, but saw some movies with his stories. I liked ‘The Shining’ very much. Just as your description of his book, I experienced uneasiness en anxiety while watching the movie. Maybe I should read something of him after all. Besides the fact that I learned his dog is a corgi, your review of the book makes me enthousiast to start reading something from his hand.

    • It was my first book by King and I have only seen one movie based on a book of King, Carrie, that I liked. I think I will read more books from him (I have another one here on my TBR-pile, also under the alias of Richard Bachman: Roadwork and when you know he has a corgi, you should read something from him too 🙂

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