Book Read! 2666

Roberto Bolaño, 2666 (2008).

First sentence:”The first time that Jean-Claude Pelletier read Benno von Archimboldi was Christmas 1980, in Paris, when he was nineteen years old and studying German literature.”

P. 99: “To his greater discredit, Alatorre didn’t speak German, which disqualified him from the outset.”

Last sentence: “Soon afterward he left the park and the next morning he was on his way to Mexico.”

I really loved this book, although it was an unusual one.  The story ws so intruiging it kept me turning the pages. The book consists of five parts, that have one thing in common, Santa Teresa.  This is a small town in Mexico not far from the border with the US.  In this town, a lot of women are being murdered, which is described in Part 4 of the book.  How this fact relates to the other parts, becomes only clear at the end of the book.  I have to admit I do not see (yet) all the connections, but I intend to reread this book within a month of six in order to see more of the clues and hints.

I chose to read this book because of Judith at Leeswammes’ Blog who started a Roberto Bolaño Read-A-Long.  I thought that to read a book of almost 900 pages would be easier when in the company of others.

This book counts for two Challenges: the Buy One Book And Read it 2011 challenge and the What’s in a Name 4 challenge.



  1. Well done for finishing the book! And I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    You may have needed that push to start the book, but you went ahead of schedule and finished in just a few weeks, rather than the 12 week took for reading the book. So it must have been pretty good for you.

    Will you be reading anything else by Bolano? Are you curious to read his other work?

    • There are 2 reasons that I finished this book so quickly. One is indeed that I liked it very much… I found it very intruiging and was curious to know how it would all come together at the end. At least I hoped it would come together and luckily it did. But the other reason is more practical: I find it very difficult reading more than one book at the time. So if I would have followed your schedule, I wouldn’t haven been able to read anything else for 12 weeks, and that seems such a waste of time, especially with this pile of TBR-books growing steadily here in the house (yes Judith, you are partly to blame for that 🙂 ).
      I think when I see other books of Bolano in the bookstore, I will definitely buy them, but I will not start looking for them (again blame the TBR-pile).
      I’m sorry that you do not enjoy the book as much… My guess is that you will only start liking it when you reach the last chapter. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, … I am curious to know if my ‘prophecy’ will come true…

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