(E-)Book Read! Someone’s Watching

Sharon Potts, Someone’s Watching (2011).

First sentence: “He was staring at her cleavage and she tried to be cool, like she did this kind of thing all the time.”

P. 99: “But she no longer had a clear recollection of what he had looked like when she was a child.”

Last sentence: “She knew he wouldn’t let go.”

Again a fun, quick read, and a pageturner.  Robbie Ivy sees her father again after 18 years and he tells her some shocking but also exciting news that starts a series of events that gets the adrenaline up.

Although I never had any interest in going to Florida, where the story is set, Potts describes it in such a way that I thought of getting  on a plane immediately to see it and feel the atmosphere there for myself (or is this perhaps caused by the lack of sun and warmth here in Belgium at the moment?).

Anyway, I loved this book and read it in two days.  When you are looking for a fun read, don’t hesitate, read Someone’s Watching!

I got this book from NetGalley on January 6th!

This book fits into two challenges I participate in: the 2011 E-Book Challenge and the Buy One Book and Read It 2011 Challenge!



  1. That first sentence suggests it’s going to be some sort of romance. I haven’t heard of the book but since you got it off netgalley it probably isn’t out yet.

    I probably would have passed over this book, but on your recommendation, I may read it!

    • Judith, it is anything but a romance. It’s just a fun and exciting read!

  2. Reading the sentences you give it looks like the woman-figure is imprisoned by the male. It doesn’t seem romantic to me at all, exciting though ……

    The sentences build up some tension which make me curious ….. Thnx 🙂

    • Yes Hannie, I found this book to be a pageturner… I wanted to knwow what happened. I thought it was a good constructed story, not Literature with a big L, but a fun read.

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