Book Read! Skippy Dies

Paul Murray, Skippy Dies (2010).

First sentence: “Skippy and Ruprecht are having a doughnut-eating race one evening when Skippy turns purple and falls off his chair.”

P. 99: “Carl says nothing, just folds his arms and tries to look like he knows what’s happening.”

Last sentence: “A very merry Christmas to you all, Gregory L. Costigan, Principal.”

I had heard so much raving about this book on Twitter and on many bookblogs, that I went ahead and ordered it via BookDepository.  And I’m really glad I did, because it was great.

Although the dead of Skippy happens in the very first pages, this is not what the story really is about, it functions like the trigger for a series of events that happen and that seem unavoidable.  The blurb on the cover says it better than I ever could:

“A tragic comedy of epic sweep and dimension, Skippy Dies scours the corners of the human heart and wrings every drop of pathos, humour and hopelessness out of life, love, Robert Graves, mermaids, M-theory, and everything in between.”

I can add only one thing: READ IT WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY.

Reading this book fitted in the Buy One Book And Read It 2011 Challenge, hosted by My Friend Amy.  I bought it on January 8th.



  1. Thanks I will 🙂

    • Yes Hannie, you should, because it is really, really good…

  2. That sounds really good!! I’ve had my eye on it, but will now *really* add it to my wishlist. Thanks!


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