(e)Book Read! Dead Politician Society

Robin Spano, Dead Politician Society (2011).

First sentence: “Clare Vengel tossed a leg over her Triumph and kicked it into gear.”

P. 99: “Your ideas for the society are small-minded and not nearly radical enough to be considered other than mainstream.”

Last sentence: But she did plan to stop and say hello.”

I heard so much about this book on Twitter and on book blogs that I got curious.  Thanks to NetGalley, I was able to read it.  And it sure was a fun read.  The short chapters make you want to read on and on…  Perhaps Clare, who is sent undercover to a university, is not the greatest detective in the world, but since this is the first book in what will become a series, I think she will grow with later assignments.  And I think that is how it would be in the ‘real world’.

Dead Politician Society is the third book I read for the 2011 E-Book Challenge, hosted by The Ladybug Reads.



  1. I agree, it was a fun read. It’s good for a relaxing day when you don’t want anything too taxing.

    • Yes, I feel the same about this book… But after my last two books I now really want something with a little more ‘depth’. So it will be Skippy dies, by Paul Murray. I heard great comments about this book, so I am curious…

      • Yes, I heard good things about Skippy Dies too. I haven’t read it, so look forward to seeing what you think.

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