(e)Book Read! David Copperfield (CP 2011)

Charles Dickens, David Copperfield (1850)
First sentence: "Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of
my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody
else, these pages must show."
P. 99: "I could not restrain my eye from resting for an
instant on a red spot upon it; but it was not so red as I turned,
when I met that sinister expression in his face."
Last sentence: "O Agnes, O my soul, so may thy face be by me
when I close my life indeed; so may I, when realities are melting
from me, like the shadows which I now dismiss, still find
thee near me, pointing upward!"

I finally finished this book, I think it took me more
than four weeks. But that was not because I didn't
like it, but because these last weeks have been
rather busy. This was not the first book
I read from Dickens, but it was for me one of
his best.
It tells the story of a coming of age of a boy
and of his life as an adult.  There are many
typically Dickensian characters and events,
but that off course is why I read Dickens.



  1. David Copperfield is the boy that goes to a terrible school, isn’t it? That is my favorite Dickens! For me, reading e-books is usually much slower than paper books. But you have a reader now, don’t you? That should make it easier.

    I haven’t read any Dickens for years, except last Christmas, I read A Christmas Carol!

    I think your Agatha Christie book will be a much faster read.

    • David Copperfield does indeed go to a terrible school, but I think a lot of characters in Dickens’s books do meet horrible teachers and do attend terrible schools. As usual there are a lot of misfortunes and dreadful events, but luckily in the end all turns out for the best. I love books with happy endings. đŸ™‚
      I think I’ll reread A Christmas Carol this Christmas, since it is years ago I read it.
      Now I’m going to plunge in my Agatha Christie.

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