My first real post!

I’m so excited; I finally decided to start a blog and I have given it a lot of thought.  I have a lot of interests (e.g. art, philosophy, history, cooking, movies, books, to name only a few) and I thought I could write on a more or less regular base about some of them.  This means that I will not write every day or that I wil have set days for specific subjects.  I will see what each day brings and if it is worth writing about.  When I talk about books or movies I will not review them, but I will let you know what my feelings about them are.  I will include links to relevant websites where you can find reviews or read more about them.

To give one example: Wednesday evening I watched a movie broadcasted on Belgian Television: A History of Violence (Check it out on IMDB) and I had high hopes for it.  But I really was disappointed.  I knew it was all about violence and I was aware that the director David Cronenberg wanted to question our easy acceptation of violence, but I thought this message was not clear, because there were some things in the movie that just didn’t look right (e.g. when Tom Stall calls home because he thinks the Philly gangster is going to go to his house).

Last week however, on the same channel, I saw a movie that I can’t seem to get out of my head.   Il y a longtemps que je t’aime is a story about two sisters who have not been in contact for fifteen years because one of them served a sentence in prison for murder.  Gradually you come to know what really happened.  I enjoyed this very much and I can only recommend it to you.

I think this will make clear what you can expect from me, but I have to warn you that it will not always be about movies; in fact although I really enjoy watching movies, I don’t know very much about them so so probably posts about them will be scarce.

See you later!



  1. Welcome to the blogging world. As far as book reviews go, your thoughts about the book and your reactions to it are important–summaries are easily available on Amazon.

    • Thanks for your welcoming words. I really like to read book but I don’t like to write reviews, or better, to write reviews takes me a lot of time and because I have seen that there are many blogs with bookreviews, I thought I could just stick to commenting. 🙂

  2. Hee, wat leuk dat je nu toch ook een blog begonnen bent. Ik abonneer me en houd het in de gaten! Welkom bij de bloggers. Maar toch maar in het engels zie ik (gedeeltelijk dan).

    • Bedankt voor je leuke reactie.
      Ja, ik heb uiteindelijk maar voor het Engels gekozen omdat ik eigenlijk te weinig de kans heb Engels te schrijven. Ik lees jouw blogs altijd met plezier en vind het fantastisch dat je nu ook in het Nederlands blogt. Ik wou dat ik het ook kon maar er kruipt zoveel tijd in dat ik vrees dat het onmogelijk is.


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